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The surveys below all relate to the work with which Alastair is currently involved or on which he is due to embark soon, and your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Attitudes To Swearing

Humour Between The Sexes

Alastair is currently writing his third book on humour, for which he has moved away from the process of theorizing to examine what happens in the field. Of specific interest to this publication are the differences between men and women when it comes to what they find amusing, and whether these are imagined or real. What are your preferences, and are you aware of tailoring your humour to suit recipients of the opposite sex?

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The Freedom Of The Individual And Attitudes To Scientific Research

To what extent should the individual be at liberty to choose their own actions, and how far should the governing body of the nation go to regulate human behaviour within its borders? Alongside this, should scientists be restricted in the research they are legally able to undertake? Data collected from this survey will be reported on in Rationalist Essays: Volume 1.

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Attitudes to swearing and the ways in which it is used differ significantly. Are there any socio-economic or educational patterns behind this, and what are the reasons for the existence of the taboo and the offence it can cause in the first place. Do people curtail the impulse to swear because they think it is morally wrong or are they simply obeying culturally imposed restrictions? 41 easy questions.

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