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Guide To Articles


At the entry level, a bar reading 1 or 2 indicates a plain language article that is suitable for everyone.

A bar reading 3 or 4 indicates the article is a bit more difficult but still doesn't require any prior knowledge of the subject matter.

At the top of the scale, a reading of 7 or 8 implies the article will require an academic or otherwise advanced knowledge of the subject, and may not be appropriate for beginners or younger students.

Dot Net receives a range of visitors, and not all the information we publish will be relevant to every one. Some articles are accessible by all, while others are more academic in tone, so we’ve rated the difficulty of each from 1 to 8 to help you pick and choose.

On the articles homepage you’ll find them presented in reverse date order with the most recent at the top left. On each summary we’ve included the length of the article in words and a download symbol, so you can choose whether to read it on the site or save it for later. There is also a roll-over key describing the level of difficulty of each.

A reading of 5 or 6  means the article is more academic in tone or challenging in content, or may presume a certain familiarity with the subject matter.

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